We have some property in which we will be building on soon.  Before the house goes up we want to put up an out building (pole barn type structure) costing approx $25K.  We do not have enough ready savings to cover this so we are thinking of refinancing the lot (currently owe $8.5K) and cover the cost of the building.  Approximate amount needed would be $30K with the value of the property with the building approxmately $50K.  What is the best way forward without dipping into our TSPs (over 60)?  Does USAA do this type of lending?  2 years from now we will begin a building project for a house on the same property...we will have the same questions with rolling together amounts owed and getting money for the construction loan then mortgage.  This time with the sale of current house and additional monthly inputs, we do not expect to be at the 80% level, probably 40-50%.  Thanks!


Hello @de59 and thank you for reaching out to us. Our Lending Specialists are available to answer all of your questions and discuss any options that might be a good solution for your specific needs. You can reach them by phone at 210-531-8722 or via secure online chat 24/7 from our Contact Us options. Thank you. ~Sarah