I feel the MY ACCOUNTS section should have better features for printing and exporting account balaces; on the other hand, maybe I'm not aware of all its features.


Do others feel this way?


Is there someone at USAA that would hear my wishes in this regard?






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I have already contacted USAA about this.


Here is what I sent them:



ISSUE: Currently USAA only allows the ability to download account activity for Quicken and Microsoft Money applications as shown here.

RECOMMENDATION: While these formats are use by some people I on the other hand would appreciate if like my "other bank" that USAA provided the ability to download account activity in the format of Comma Separated Value (CSV) so that it may be used in spreadsheet software like Microsoft Excel or even provided the ability to download account activity in the format an Excel Worksheet.

PERSONAL EXPERIENCE / USE: I personally do not use the two applications supported (Quicken and Microsoft Money) but I do use Microsoft Excel.

WORK INVOLVED: From a "programming standpoint" adding the Comma Separated Value (CSV) "option" or even the Excel Worksheet "option" should not be much of a problem.

BOTTOM LINE: Adding the the Comma Separated Value (CSV) "option" would provide USAA with a broader software support since most financial software (in addition to Quicken and Microsoft Money) support the import of data using Comma Separated Value (CSV).

Thanks to everyone at USAA for their outstanding Customer Support / Service and thanks in advance for your consideration of my recommendation.



and here is what USAA replied:



Thank you for your message regarding downloading transactions in CSV format. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. To export these transactions:


  1. Click the account in question
  2. On the transactions page , click the drop down arrow next to 'I want to...'
  3. Select which date range needed
  • All
  • Selected
  • Date Range
  1. Click Export
  2. For File Format select Comma-Delimited (CVS) option
  3. Click Export

Additionally, our Website Customer Support department is available to assist you everyday until midnight Central Time. They can be reached by calling 1-877-632-3002 and saying "Website Support" at the prompt.
We value your business and the opportunity to serve all your financial needs.

Thank you,
David Wood



I hope this helps and keep those ideas coming.


Thanks so much to the GURUfor getting the ball rolling here!


For David Wood--


You have got a great start on making it possible to keep track of USAA and non-USAA accounts. I am aware and have used  the export-transaction procedure. However, this is done on an account by account basis and many of my accounts do not change from day to day and some don't change week to week. So the process takes a lot of time checking all accounts. What I would like to do is know which accounts have changed from my current records. Forther there are no balances downloaded to reconcile against.

Currently, I'm copying and pasting from the My ACOUNTS page and pasting into Excel. As you imagine, there problems with this, namely in row size and format discrepacies.

It would help greatly, if I could export my account balaces from that page in a csv format similar to the way transactions are exported.






I am unsure of what you mean by the following comment:



Forther there are no balances downloaded to reconcile against. Currently, I'm copying and pasting from the My ACOUNTS page and pasting into Excel.



Where are you "grabbing data" from??


To avoid "there problems with this, namely in row size and format discrepacies." here are my recommendations:


  • If you are talking about the My Accounts Summary shown on the Main Page then I recommend you copy-n-paste all "data" to a Notepad Text Document. This will "strip off" all formatting. All you need to do then is copy-n-paste individual "values" as you see fit.
  • If you are talking about the Current Balance and Available Balance values shown at top of the Transactions Tab for a particular Account then maybe I can recommend you do this:
  1. For a particular Account select the Account Details Tab.
  2. Highlight (select) both Current Balance (plus its value) and Available Balance (plus its value) then Right-Click and select Copy from Pop-Up Menu.
  3. In Excel Right-Click on appropriate cell and then select Paste Option "Match Destination Formatting (M)".

The above recommendations should elevate your Excel formatting problems.

Your suggestion does indeed get me past the format problems. It also has the benefit of not involving a programmer at USAA. Once, in a phone call with USAA, I was encouraged to use the budgeting and tagging that the website provides, rather than use a money-management program. That is what I am attempting to do by downloading to Excel. It is strange to me that if USAA wishes to encourage its use, it wouldn't provide for export of balances as well as transactions. Fred

Hello - I read through your exchange.  I am having a similar issue.  We used quicken to balance our old account.  I was told I would not need to use it with our new USAA checking account.  But I cannot find the equivelent way to "balance" our account.

any suggestions? 

As far as I can tell, USAA doesn't recognise that members would want to reconcile their accounts. Although I can display balances, I can't download them. So I copy and paste balances and the latest transactions to a spreadsheet and from there manually clear Quicken transactions and reconcile. This is anything but elegant. However, I did reap one benefit over using auto- download and -reconcile in Quicken. Several accounts, that would not download to Quicken, are available through USAA. So they definitely hold one advantage over Quicken, but don't seem interested in persuing it.