Just checking to see if anyone out there had experience with auto refinance through USAA. Wife and I have car loans and we are trying to rebuild our credit ratings after both going through divorces




Sorry to hear things between you and your ex-wife did not work out for you.


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Hope these links help you.

@Website Guru, not sure but I don't think he was referencing his ex-wife.   believe he was saying that both he and his current wife are trying to rebuild their credit (because they have both been through divorces). 



After re-reading original post I believe you may be right.


If so, I apologize to tk9nacho for my misconception.


Thanks for pointing that out.

What type of information are you looking for?  Ease of process? Interest Rate? Effect on credit? My husband and I refinanced both our vehicles with USAA. We have had a boat loan, a couple of ATV loans and my Harley is currently financed with USAA.



I would like to know about the Ease of process? Interest Rate? Effect on credit?, I am looking to buy a home and the lender suggested refinancing my car, but my concern is that another pull on my credit, which doesn't look good. Your Thoughts?