Is there a way for me and my wife to share a single budget? I'm trying to use the USAA tool and I'd like us to be looking at the same infomation when we log in individually.


mrcypress,  each member will have their own budget tool with each individual profile. However, you may each list the same information to keep your money manager up-to-date.  We do not have  a way to merge them. ~Jen

It's hard enough to use as it is so having 2 people stay independently coordinated with a budget containing 30+ categories is a real pain.


I'd port the info to mint but your security requirements on my account make that impossible. Maybe I can dust off my old copy of MS Money. 



mrcypress, we understand how you feel. We have forwarded your feedback for review. Should any changes occur with this feature, our members will be the first to know. Thank you, Jen

This would be a great addition - similar to the way one is able to see others bills by granting permissions.

My fiance has non-USAA bank accounts so I just imported his account information under our accounts so all of our transactions come in together and its under one budget.. Unfortunately he can't see the budget, but I don't think he cares