Budget Tool working better but still needs features

I really like that the budget tool and accounts reads in all my real time finacial data.  This has saved me a lot of time that I used to spend with Quicken.  It took a while for me to figure out that the budget tool would not save updates unless the budget was balanced.  I waisted some time before I figured that out.  This means that you have to balance the budget in one session.  you can't just work on it a bit and come back to it later.  Now that I have entered a budget and it is balanced, I have found a double accounting issue.  Both credit card purchases and credit card payments are tracked as expenses - essentially double accounting them.  Also transferes between accounts are tracked as expenses even though they may not be.  One possible fix would be to have a catagory for 'off the books'  to ignore in the budget tool.



Thanks for taking the time to send this information. We'll make sure it gets escalated to the appropriate area. If you'd like to share any additional details, please send them here.

Agree. Transfers showing up as Spending is a major problem. I'm considering switching to another Bank that I use for my Budget tracking which will certainly lead to me moving my primary accounts there too just for ease of use. You should have the ability to Exclude specific Categories from the Budget.  Transfers would be the obvious one. This should be done ASAP as the tool is really confusing otherwise.

Dstrack, thank you for your feedback. As stated, we have forwarded this feedback. We like to listen when our members provide helpful information regarding the ease of use for usaa.com.  Thank you again, please feel free to let us know any other suggestions you have. Have a great one, Jen.