My cash in my brokerage fund is in fixed income. Today I received an e-mail reminding me it is about to mature. Where is the current interest rate for FS1159XF7? When clicking on "Details" one would think the interest rate would be listed. It isn't. Why is that interest rate not shown on the website?


Last year's rate is listed in "Details" but there is no sign of the current rate to re-invest.
I just came off the phone with a rep. The rate on a Jumbo ($175k +) in a brokerage account is 0.76%. How much worse can savers be taken advantage of? I found 1.11% for a year (no Jumbo necessary) at Pentagon Federal. In January both I and my wife are outta here. No, I don't work there, but I'm glad I found an alternative to the slaughter.


I'm so very sorry to hear about your recent experience with our service. While I know you've already spoken with a representative, we'd really like the opportunity to have one of our contacts in the business review your situation once more to see if there's anything USAA can do. If you don't mind providing a few additional details via email to, we can have one of our team members review your account.

I was shopping for higher CD rates for my cash that I keep parked outside of equities.  USAA offers 0.76%.  That is too low to keep in an account, so I will have to close it.  My wife is in the same predicament.  She began the transfer for her IRA today.

I understand, unfortunately being a community manager there is a limit to what I am able to do to assist in this area. Please email the details of this situation to that email address so the concern is elevated. That will get you an official and educated response in the investment area and give USAA an opportunity to address your concern. I appreciate your information and honesty.