I've been a USAA member for about 12 years, am a Federal civilian who retired in 2012 after a 35 year career. I found myself divorced a year later and my ex got just under half my retirement annuity plus $500 a month for the next 15 years (I'm lucky, I'm told by my lawyers, that it wasn't for life.) I have a $13K personal credit card balance from legal bills. I had to cosign for my sons to be able to finance their college educations and share a credit card with one of them. That son has racked up $20K on that card, maxing it out, and cannot make his student loan payments. Consequently, the lender is starting to come after me with robocalls. I own my home 100% (cash purchase with a one-time withdrawal permitted from my Federal TSP retirement account) but have been unable to find work in my old field (IT) and my skills are rapidly becoming outdated. In addition to my security clearances having expired two years after retirement, I'm 59 now and also feel there is age discrimination lurking in the background. I'm open to a change from the IT field in any event. I think also that since most jobs seem to require a credit check that my sons' financial profiles, the one with the worse profile in particular, are negatively impacting my hireability. I see a major financial disaster on the horizon, and risk to my home and possessions. I want to do whatever I can to avert it, return to my previous financial picture (819 credit score, living modestly but comfortably), and get on with my post-divorce life. I am at a loss at where to begin! I invite the USAA financial experts to contact me privately if required.


Dear sornord,

A specialist from our advice team will be reaching out to you personally! Thank you for taking the time to post here in the community.

Find a rich lady to shack up and pay your bills. Tell your kids to find a job and cut them off.
Find a rich lady to shack up with and pay your bills. Tell your kids to find a job and cut them off.