My wife and I keep receiving emails from USAA WebBillPay saying the intermediary (Fiserv) has not processed one of our bills. The email from USAA says call Fiserv, don't call us. 


Fiserv says the problem is with USAA - that USAA will not release the money from our checking account.  Multiple phone calls to USAA and Fiserv end with each entity pointing fingers at the other as to the source of the problem.  USAA says there is no stop on our checking account and they do not see a problem.  Fiserv continues to say USAA will not send them the money.


Each one says it's not with them, and that they cannot fix it.  Fiserv finally told us to give up on USAA WebBillpay and pay our bills with paper checks!  


This is absurd that USAA cannot solve this problem!! 


Hi Dan9,

I would like to connect you with an expert in Web Bill Pay. If you could send the details you provided above to us here in this link (I apologize for asking you to enter it in again) this is the fastest way for me to get you to an expert who can help! Thank you!

Thanks for your quick response.  However I had already posted the inforamtion to that support link yesterday , prior to posting on the Member Community.  


So far, no response.