Bill payments

Not sure why but USAA changed the way they pay your bills by joining up with another company that sends checks and it takes 2 weeks for the check to get there.

don’t know why USAA stoped doing direct bill payments. It a real hassle. Now instead of set it and forget it I have to go to each company and make payments and those stupid transaction fees. Thought USAA was for veterans not big businesses.


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I have been using bill pay for over 10 years without a problem. That has now changed. I cannot view my scheduled payments for organizations outside of USAA. The USAA scheduled payments show up fine but NOT the others. I do not want to get charged a late payment fee and I do not want to make a double payment either. What's the deal? I tried using the "chat" to resolve this issue, but the computer does not recognize the question. I have been a member for over 55 years and am very disappointed in how USAA is currently being run. Very disappointed.


Thanks for reaching out regarding the new redesign.


I'm sorry to hear you're disappointed and I will forward your feedback regarding the scheduled transactions.


You should be able to see them on the new tab labeled Scheduled Transactions.


Click "Add a Reminder" option to manually add the scheduled transaction.


For the categories, you'll follow these steps:


Go to the Account Summary page.

Select I want to ... drop-down menu.

Click Set Category Rules.

Complete all necessary fields.

Click Add This Rule and Close


Please review click on “Learn More” to view Money Manager FAQ. For addtional assistance, our Website Support team can be reached at 210-531-8722 "technical support" when prompted. 


I hope this helps.


~ Lori C

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Dear @Jim53


I am sorry that is seems you are having trouble with your BillPay payments. We have not changed how payments are processed in some time now. We want to look into this for you. Please chat with us on so we can review the particular payment.  Thanks.  -Jesse 

@USAA and Jesse - what you said about changing how payments are processed is not correct.  I have had the way my payments are processed changed without any type of notice from USAA and it has created problems.  I do not understand why USAA/Fiserv didn't notify me that a payment method was changing so that I could make the decision on whether that would work or not.  

@Jim53 - USAA is responsible for any late fees that were caused by them not getting bills paid on time.  

@NSueZ, I'm sorry to learn that you've experienced problems with your payments. Fiserv determines the payment method that will ensure the payment arrives on the due date. In some cases, a payment is sent electronically for several months and then changes to a draft check. Regrettably, we cannot change the payment method. The way the payment is processed depends on the merchant, your payment history, recent activity and the amount of the payment. Regardless of the payment method, our goal is to deliver the payment to the merchant on the due date. When we send a draft check, we allow five business days for mail delivery. Please contact us if any charges related to late payments were assessed by the biller. We will review the situation to determine if a refund can be granted. ~DC

Actually DC what you have said is not entirely true.  It is my understanding that six days is needed for a draft check, but I have seen my bill payment changed from electronic to check with only four days remaining which is definitely NOT enough time for the bill to be paid on time.  Every merchant I have talked to absolutely does NOT want a check, my payment history is not an issue (I have never bounced a check or had a late payment, or least I never had one until the USAA bill pay fiascos), and I have been using Bill Pay for a long time.  After awhile it just gets frustrating to always be dealing with issues with USAA.  Right now, "I'm sorry" does not fix the many problems that USAA continues to experience.  

Accounts I have been paying for years with direct bill pay now send checks. 
What’s to look into? I stopped using your direct payment after receiving to late charges. That was a good part of why I liked USAA. Now it’s a hassle.