Bill paying slow delivery

Has anyone else experience SLOW delivery in use of bill paying service where the check has to be mailed instead of being sent electronically. I have experienced up to  a 30 + day delays in receipt of utility payments that were sent by mail. I even had my water cut off once and threated one other time. Recently a medical bill I paid using this service took over 30 days to arrive and I kept receiving threatening letters. This is a recent problem after years of not having issues with this service. 

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Not at all.  But wait, I don't use USAA's bill pay service or any other service from USAA.  I don't have the problems people post here all of the time since I divested from USAA after USAA intentionally changed the way it conducts its business.   I pay 1/2 the cost of what USAA charges for car insurance and I have never had an issue with my credit union's bill pay service.

@CC8012, this is not the experience we want for you. I will forward this message to the appropriate area to review. 

I do encourage you to cross reference the address on your payment bill/stub with the address that is showing on your PayBills screen for your Payee. This could cause a delay, if the check is not being directly mailed to the correct address/department within the providers facility. 


Additionally, I encourage you to contact our Deposit Specialists via a secure live Chat or 210-531-8722 so we can review this and see what might be causing the delays. 


Thank you for bringing this to our attention, so we can assist you with getting this resolved. 

~ Lori C

@Lori - I have personally had problems with the Bill Pay group and trying to resolve anything with them was difficult at best.  It first starts with the Customer Service Group thinking that the member does not understand how to pay their bills correctly and it goes downhill from there.  It seems that USAA's Bill Pay group is moving more payments to checks (maybe this is a cost savings to USAA) and this does create problems especially if the Bill Pay group does not give any advance notice to the member that this is going to occur.  I solved my problem by moving my main checking account and Bill Pay to another financial institution and guess what - ZERO problems and some of the bills that USAA had started paying by check are now again being paid electronically.   

@CC88021 - I highly recommend you move on from USAA and their Bill Pay - you are correct that something is going on with this service.   

@USAA - no need to contact me regarding this post and BTW I am a (retired) accountant so I do understand how to pay bills and navigate the financial world.   When Bill Pay at USAA started making lots of mistakes, it was not a me problem, it was a USAA Bill Pay problem.