Bill Payment Statements

The newly designed paper billing statements (for those of us avoiding the electronic route) are TERRIBLE.

Very unclear as to how the balance is computed; using 3 sheets of mostly blank space is environmentally wasteful and

consumer unfriendly.  USAA should go back to the former, more efficient 1 sheet system.

CEO Wayne Peacock's email address could not be found on the fancy website...does anyone have?

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Yes, the new billing format is terrible.

Dear @bjs2


Thank you very much for sharing your feedback about the billing format. Your feedback is important. We will collect this and review further. - Jesse 

The "NEW" web page has been slamming customers for many months. USAA always says complaints/suggestions have been forwarded to the office responsible ---then it just dies. It's obvious USAA simply doesn't care. C -Suite should bb proud that customer care provided USAA customers has now been eliminated. It's a stunning shame to see USAA customers that helped build USAA be disrespected in this manner.

My wife and I agree with the new bill...being misleading.

The existing bold "Due..." line is misleading as it is only the minimum payment. Since we pay in full each time, we think it would be better to lead with a "Full Balance..." line, then a second line, also bold, if necessary, "Minimum Due...", complete with the appropriate amounts on each line.

There is also some inconsistency in what to call the "full balance" column cites "Balance (in USD)" another place calls it "Statement Balance" , and a third place "Full Amount Due", a fourth, "Balance".


@MikeL2013, I'm sorry to hear of your disappointment with the new statement style. We're always looking for ways to improve. I appreciate your feedback, and I'll ensure it reaches the appropriate team for consideration. Thank you! ~Holland

I agree on the new statements being awful. In addition the new website is horrible as well. USAA claims they made the changes based on cusomer requests, really? Who in their right mind told USAA "Please make my bill paper statments more confusing and full of space so it is over more pages" or "The website is too easy to work with, please make the fonts huge and make the pages useless so I can waste more time on the site" or "The ability to download the past year of transactions in excel format was dumb, remove that so I have to work a lot harder to do taxes" or "I wish I could not set category rules and just have USAA name my transactions with totally incorrect names just to make my life harder"? 

I have been a USAA member ince the 1980's and I can say that their service has been in a decline now for a decade. THey seem to now be business profit focused and only listen to idiots for ideas now. *sigh*

@army boots1, Thank you for your Member Community post. We appreciate your feedback regarding the paper billing statements. We take feedback seriously and I will certainly share your concern with the appropriate area. Tricia

To USAA Social Service / Trish

Well over a year has passed since you said you take my feedback seriously but NOTHING HAS BE DONE ABOUT THE AWFUL FORMAT OF USAA's BILLING STATEMENTS.  The company's cusomer sevice has declined precipitously since I first enrollrd in 1966 !

Good afternoon @Armyboots1, I regret to hear your previous concerns were not addressed. I will reengage the appropriate area to ensure they are reviewed. If additional information is needed they may reach out to you. Thank you for your time today. -Emily 

@USAA   - TOTALLY agree that the new and improved paper statements are awful.  I need to call USAA about a few things this week and the new improved paper statements was on the list of topics.  I manage my parents' mail for them and cannot believe that their investment statement has a page that is 95% blank and the most important information is missing from the front page.  The billing statements for insurance are also AWFUL.  The old statements actually presented the information in a much better, much more concise manner.  Also, there is a lot of WHITE showing on the billing statement and some of the most important information such as it will be automatically deducted is hard to find.   USAA these new statements are a massive fail.   Also the letter that was sent out about moving to paperless statements was far too generic.  Four members of our household read it (including a member who has a Masters in English) and I now have to call and find out what statements of our family have been potentially converted to paperless statements, something we do NOT want at all.   I suspect that this may be a half day adventure.