I understand that when using bill pay the money is taken out of your account until such time that it is funded.  Having used other banking institutions, I personally find it easier to keep track of what I have when I pay my bills online and the money is deducted immediately from my account.  Some of the payments take a week to come out and during that time I need to keep logging in to see what has posted and what has not.  Is there any talk of changing bill pay so the money comes out right away?


I think this should be an option when paying. I prefer it being taken out right away but know others that enjoy the benefit of it not being taken till the person cashes the check.

Dap (and Others);


I have seen this USAA Web BillPay® Problem / Issue also.

**NOTE:  I reported this issue AGAIN using the steps outlined at the following LINK:

How To Make USAA Website Better


Also (for others) you should visit this other USAA Member Community posting for more comments related to this posting.


Bill Pay Issues, anyone else?

I hope this helps you (and others).

Dap and batman 23,

Thank you for taking the time to provide us with your feedback/suggestion regarding the web bill pay. I’ll be sure to pass your comments on the correct area for review and consideration.



Thank you for the helpful links and information!

Dap (and Others);


As I posted above,  I reported this USAA Web BillPay® Problem / Issue AGAIN and here is the response from USAA that I received back.




Thank you for your email regarding our online WebBill Pay account balance. We appreciate you taking the time to send in your feedback as this is how changes can be made. Your message has been forwarded to the appropriate departments for further review.
USAA takes all member feedback into consideration. However, since there are generally significant costs/resources involved with any system upgrade, it is not possible to implement every suggestion submitted. But, all feedback is analyzed to determine which areas are causing the most pain points with our members, and which would provide the best overall benefit.

Please note, due to the volume of feedback received from members we are unable to notify each member individually if an idea or comment results in a direct change.
In addition, please note when using USAA WebBill Pay, not all payments are made electronically. There may be some payments that are made by check. When this occurs, the account balance will not be updated until the check is presented for payment and debits your account.


However, in order to account for this, you can manually add the payment to your account transaction history by clicking on your account.


Once you are on the same page as your transaction history, you will click on the green plus sign (+) next to Add A Transaction**.


USAA Add Transaction

(Image Provided by Member - WEBSITE GURU)


This will allow you to add a one time payment or recurring payment to your transaction history and will then will adjust your projected account balance.


We value your business and the opportunity to serve all your financial needs.

Thank you,
Dorian Henley




**NOTE: The description provided by clicking on Add Transaction reads as follows:


You can enter a transaction such as a paper check you write or a recurring expected activity like a gym membership or a payroll deposit. This helps you to project what your account balance will be before your transactions post to your account.




Keeping everyone informed.

So what happens when the transactions finally do post to your account? Do you have to remember to go back in and "undo" the manual transaction?

I been on the phone for 30 minutes spoken with 4 diferrent people and while on hold lost the connection. Never got an answer why I cannot use my billpay.