@USAA - I am curious as to how the Bill Pay system REALLY works.  It says it going to be an electronic payment and then you send a check (probably didn't get there in time) and you changed the name of the payee.  Other payments that have been done electronically for a couple of years are now being done by check and the lead time is now 6 (yes 6) days.  I am getting frustrated with the "this is what the payee wanted" feedback from USAA when you ask "why did this happen".   I would think that electronic payments would be preferred any day over checks especially when the vendor has e-bills.  It doesn't make sense to me to have an e-bill available and then USAA send a check.  


I can understand how frustrating this would be, @NSueZ. Please know that we make every effort to send payments electronically, however, not all merchants will accept an electronic payment, even if they utilize the e-bills process. If you have a specific concern about a payee's name change or payment method, I would encourage you to initiate a secured chat by clicking the blue Reach a Representative link in the upper right corner of your Account Summary page to discuss with a live representative. Our chat representatives are available 24/7 to assist. - Cathleen

@USAA - I already had had a "conversation" with one of your representative via a chat before I posted my comments.  I don't like it when it seems like I am not the only one being "helped" when on a chat and I don't appreciate it when it seems like they might be making up some of the answers.  The bottom line is that the Bill Pay is done by a third party vendor and USAA does not necessarily understand or monitor what is happening.  In this particular case, I did call the vendor and they gladly accept electronic payments, in fact they prefer electronic payments.  And when USAA sent the check out, they changed the name of the payee (why?? I clearly had the correct information entered). It is a good thing that I set this up to be paid early otherwise I do not think this check would have made it by its due date. 

    Also, payments that were previously paid via electronically (for almost 2 years) are now being paid via check.  And every time I have ever checked with a vendor they have ALWAYS said that they would prefer to be paid electronically and they don't know why a check was issued.  However, the Bill Pay group did let it slip once that when a payment is more than $750 they sometimes decide to send out checks rather than pay electronically.  We have no notice of this though. 

I am very sorry to hear of this situation NSueZ. I have forwarded your concerns to a subject matter expert for further review. -Colleen

@NSueZ, I have not experienced this, with the exception of when I sent the first payments to my payees, however let me know how this resolves itself. I am with you, most vendors want the electronic payments and it baffles me that they send checks, however there are payments I send, such as charitable contributions that I know have no electronic payment option, so maybe there is something there. Have you called the particular vendor and confirmed whether USAA is indeed accurate with their statement that the vendor prefers checks?