Bill Pay - hard to pay bills when it doesn't work

@USAA - I am waiting for my call back to find out why the Bill Pay function is not working after the great "redesign" of the USAA website.   Of course, I could be a bit snarky and say that I wish USAA would spend more money on customer service instead of Rob Gronkowski's face on every USAA ad during football Sunday.   


BTW - As I was typing this, I got my call back, but representative was not able to help me so he transferred me but DID NOT stay on the line with me during the transfer so now I am listening to the horrid USAA song.   He said the wait time would only be 4 minutes, but he missed the boat on that also.   I am ready to just write checks and drop in the mail.   The checks could possibly arrive at their destination by the time I get someone on the line to help me.  

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HI NSueZ, thank you for letting us know of your experience and feedback regarding the new layout and bill payment feature.  I will have a specialist review your concerns and ensure this is reviewed. ~JD