I just want to start by saying I love USAA.  The support you guys give, the customer service, and especially the respect to your members is amazing. 


Now, I have one suggestion to "enhance the user experience" on the website, and more specifically, online bill pay.  I utilize Online Bill Pay to pay all of my bills.  I don't think there's a single bill I don't pay from the USAA site.  However, I find it very frustrating that when I schedule a payment, recurring or single, I have to go BACK in to my Accounts section, and add a "Scheduled Transaction" so that I could see the updated account balance.


What would be absolutely amazing is if you were to sync those 2 pieces, where whenever you schedule a payment from Web Bill Pay, it adds a "scheduled transaction" to the account that you are paying it from!  That would be awesome!


Thanks again for being awesome!



Thank you for the compliment and the genuine suggestion of improvement. 

I have passed this information on to the appropriate department. 

As always, specific concerns can be addressed by contacting a member services representative by clicking here 
to provide USAA with additional detail and your member information. You can also reach a service specialist at 1-800-531-8722.

What is the status of this upgrade to USAA's outstanding service?  I, too, am interested in this capability becoming a reality!  There are times when I simply forget to manually enter a scheduled bill as a scheduled transaction in our register and when it comes out, sometimes it comes as a surprise.  We are trying to avoid the need to purchase software such as Quicken to track our finances separately from the USAA website... this would be great!


Thank you for your consideration.


Sean Flower