I have two suggestions for enhancing the Bill Pay area.


1. Add the ability to make a payee active or inactive. 


I'd like to keep my Bill Pay list shorter but I have several payees that I do use from time to time so I don't want to delete them but would prefer to make them active (viewable) on the list when I want to, and then deactivate (or hide) them when they are not generally being used.  I have to scroll through  big long list right now.  This would really help.


2.  Please keep access to all bills for more than 6 months.


For tax purposes, it's really necessary to be able to view all my bills for the year, not just 6 months.  Otherwise I have to go to each of my utility companies to see the 12 month history, rather than going to one place to see everything.


Is there a way for me to export all my bill pay history in a csv?  So ability to see all bill pay payments with payee, date and amount over the span of a year in csv format?  Would love to have this functionality.


Excellent points from "Pretty Penny" ! ! !
Great suggestion !

Dear Pretty Penny,

Thank your insightful and great suggestions to improve Web bill pay! We have taken this opportunity to share your feedback with the appropriate area for review and consideration of future product enhancements. Feedback like yours is important to the success of USAA. Thank you for being a valued USAA member!

You could always add the ability to just hide the payee. This would be similar to the "my accounts" page were you can hide/show accounts.
I can't figure out how to do this; would you mind explaining?