After many years with a USAA credit card, my limit was lowered, with no advance notice. Imagine going from $20,000 credit to $500 in one day. Reason? Because I haven't used it for 2 years. Well thank God I have not had an emergency to need it, but why not warn me, so I can use it??????? Oh and thank you USAA for screwing up my credit. I got a message from credit monitoring that my credit rating dropped due to a credit limit dropping. Hey USAA, I'm 59 yrs old and a retired E9, have impeccable credit, and my new limit on my card is less than when I was an 18 yr old E1!!!! See any problem here? And now, in the middle of Covid and unemployment, I no longer have a credit card to use in the absence of my steady work income. See any problems here? What can I possibly use $500 for? Nothing! No plane ticket, no appliance, no real emergency that I need credit for. I talked to a manager and still told wait 6 months and apply again for a limit change. Really!!! First you send credit monitoring off site, then sell off my investments, now you take away my credit. Almost like a warning that I need to move EVERYTHING from USAA. I loved having everything thing under one roof, but am looking to move all now! Come on USAA, $500 limit!???!!! There must be someone that can fix this now, and not in 6 months!!!!


@RAP55, I understand the seriousness of the situation. I have located you in our system and will be forwarding your details to a subject matter for further review.  ~Sarah 

Lately USAA appears to have turned into a prime example of subprime banking.  

They have been struggling to reinvent their secured credit card and have proven inept at doing that.  In my unit we clearly advise new members that haven't established credit that their best option is Navy Federal Credit Union.  Not only do they offer young service members secured credit cards, but also joint accounts too so that a parent can get their young sons and daughters started on the path to responsible use of credit and a good credit history.  

Hello @FullBird. I will forward your feedback regarding your secure card concerns. -Colleen

@FullBird, that's what I did with my kids when they went to college. Closed the bank accounts at USAA and moved to NFCU. Everything worked well. Hate to say it, but USAA banking has lost its edge for some time now.
@RAP55, they did the same thing to my daughter while she was in grad school. No warning at all. Not even an electronic message. I guess they no longer believe in communications unless it has to do with advertising. Irritated me to no end. Closed all our accounts and moved to NFCU. Besides, they offered us a lot more products and services (because of our long time membership) than USAA ever offered us with over 35 yrs of membership. You don't have to look very far to see that parts of USAA are being sold off. They say it will benefit its members, but I seriously doubt it.