I have never once received spam from USAA.

Beware of the email being sent out requesting for you to change your online information for your USAA account. You can tell the email is spam because it does not contain the identifier in the top, right hand corner of the email.


Thanks for the heads up. Yes, everyone should be aware!

Warning:  I received the following email along with an attached .Pdf file.


Phishing Email.jpg

Please forward a copy of this spam email to abuse@usaa.com. Do not reply to the item or take any action indicated in the email. Thank you.

Sorry but I deleted it after taking a screen shot.  I attempted to find a way to alert USAA, but found nothing, except this forum.


I have stored the provided e-mail address and will forward any future occurrence.

Yes, I also received one of those SPAM emails with a PDF attachment, which I did not click on. I went directly to your website, and found out it is probably a phishing email same as the other folks are talkinig about.

I am trying to forward an email to    abuse@usaa.com  and I am getting the following message.


An error occurred while sending mail. The mail server responded:  5.5.0 <abuse@usaa.com.> invalid address. Please check the message recipient abuse@usaa.com. and try again.




Try typing the email address instead of copy/pasting it. It worked for me this morning! 

Thank you!

Thank you, it worked. Noticed that when you copy/paste, it puts a . after the com in the address.