I am a 30+ year member of USAA. They offered me a 0% for 12 months offer on a cash advance, which I accepted. The term expired on my May statement and I paid the balance in full before the due date. Suprisingly, USAA charged me the full interest. I spoke with a senior banker who informed me that the interest charge was correct because cash advances are treated differently than purchases. That would be fine if USAA notified us of this before hand or on the statement. Otherwise, it is standard practice that if you pay the balance in full before the due date no interest is due and, in fact, that is what it states on my USAA statement. I'm happy to play by the rules as long as we know what they are in advance. I don't expect this kind of trickery from USAA. Disappointing.


Hello @25YearMemberFL, thank you for your 30 years of membership. I have forwarded your feedback regarding the concerns with the  promotion you had on your account. -Colleen

USAA is "managed" differently today than it was for us old dogs thirty and forty years ago. Cherry pick the remaining good stuff; shop elswhere for the rest...