So pretty much everyone has gotten some stimulus money and Im now wondering, given  things might soon get back to some kind of normalcy? How to make best use of this leg up and get best return, interest, savings, ira, trust, least taxing, staking, investment options of these funds so make the best use? Ask= Family of six, or should we just plan a chevy chase vacation?


Great question, @Bitcoin Whale - I'll get you to someone that can help answer that for you. Please know they're not in the office overnight, but will have your inquiry first thing in the morning. - Cathleen

Not everyone received stimulus money.  My family did not receive any stimulus money, just the privilege of paying for it.  You must remember that this is borrowed money and it appears that you did not need it.  This country has approximately $28 trillion in debt with no end of the borrowing in sight.  How much more money can the politicians spend before the US ends up like the German Weimar Republic?  Will you be happy when it takes a wheelbarrow full of cash to buy a loaf of bread?  You certaintly won't be planning a Chevy Chase vacation then.