Best Alternative to USAA?

I’ve had it. The only reason I was keeping my USAA checking account open and using it as our primary account was for the integrated bill pay/scheduled transactions/manual recurring transactions all in the same ledger. The newest update has splintered them into basically unusable information. Clearly, reading through this site and the USAA Reddit community, USAA has no intention of listening to member feedback, or this rollout would have stopped by now.

Does anyone have experience with another bank (online or chain) that has a decent transaction management/planning tool? If so, can you share here? There have been prior issues with USAA banking, but this one is the proverbial straw. I won’t be using USAA banking by the end of this year.
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After 20 years with USAA I'm leaving. I don't understand why the designers/developers would take away a function such as "scheduled transactions" which we could reconcile and match the transactions and overwrite the details. Now I have to flip back and forth between tabs to match them up, then copy/paste titles into posted transactions, then go back to the other tab to delete it?!? This is really bad UX. They broke was working just fine.

I'm sorry to hear you're planning to leave and that we've disappointed you with the new redesign. I will be happy to forward your feedback to the technical team that is handling this update and redesign. Thanks for adding your voice to the conversation. - Jason

Alternatives to USAA - they are out there!  As many long-term members have noted the treasured USAA of the past is no more.  Its a waste of time to make suggestions here and shameful the amount of member resources blown on changes that provide no value or even reduce value to members. I have held on over the past few years hoping things might turn around and because I am lazy.  But with the latest website, stupid phone trees and increased premiums I am backing out as well.  I found better value on insurance from local brokers, online banks, local banks and now use only USAA credit cards and a few low cost insurance products.  No doubt it's nonsense and understandable why you want to go.

". . . the treasured USAA of the past is no more." I was REALLY hoping I was wrong about this, but I believe you are correct.


@The Termite, I'm sorry to hear you haven't been happy recently with the service you've experienced. We value your membership and your feedback and I will be sure to share it with the appropriate area. If there is something I can assist you with now, please let me know. Thank you. -Cynthia 

Cynthia, sounds helpful and thank you but there's nothing you can do.  It's a lost cause.

I can definitely understand where you are coming from and your disappointment. This is certainly not what we want our members to experience. We hope to earn your trust again. -Cynthia

Cynthia, again thank you but there's nothing you can do - EXCEPT - I spoke too soon.


Please stop the robot calls and offers of assistance from the "USAA CEO's Office".  This is micro-management, annoying, insulting, condescending and yet more of the same. 


When asking for members to participate in a survey after speaking to a representative broaden that survey BEYOND the performance of the representative.  Instead, invite comment on organizational performance, product and services offered.


What members want and don't want is clear and for the CEO to ask me for reaffirmation is definitely a "lost cause" - total leadership and management failure.


All the best

Chase and Fidelity both are good. Wish we had an old school bank in our area. 

Navy Federal, Chase Bank your local Credit Union !!   

Schwab Bank is way better. 

Called support for help was told basically call back and maby you can get another person who can help.  Whole organization failing  from top yo bottom . Time for cahnge   

@SUPLOMJ, this is not the experience we want for you and I'd like the opportunity to have your experience reviewed. Please share more regarding what transpired. 

Thank you!

~ Lori C

Since USAA uses a CI/CD model in their development, will they be escalating the return of this feature into the newly released UI?


If USAA would answer this beyond "we have forwarded your feedback," it might keep some members. 

Who’s running USAA anyway?? What has happened to my USAA, I sure don’t recognize the company I once treasured.

After nearly 40 years of banking with USAA, this is the last straw. I've already moved my savings to CapitalOne where I get 2%+ interest with no restrictions. My hometown bank, Guaranty Bank of Mt. Pleasant, has a website that is now comparable or better than USAA. My wife actually gets her direct deposit FASTER here than at USAA. 


I retired in San Antonio and many of my friends worked at USAA. At our 75th reunion I was not surprised to hear that they all quit and moved on. Sad.


I'd encourage you to look at your local banks. Mine surprised me. They've felt the pressure of the nation-wide banks and have moved out of the stone-ages quickly. Mobil deposit.


You know, a bunch of MILITARY folks should get together and create an insurance company with great rates for the MILITARY only with only ex-Military leadership -- I think it would be a hit. Call it NUSAA (NOT USAA).

I love your idea of a "NUSAA".  Create it and I'll join!  The only reason I am currently tied to USAA is all the work to contact and re-direct my online deposits to yet another financial institution.  Really sad to go after 30+ years but this is it for me

40 years! Why is no one listening to people who've been with USAA for decades and are leaving reluctantly?

It's terrible...looks like the army designed it...I left the army so I don't have this bs...
Leaving usaa now- anyone know a bank that will help me manage schedulepd transactions and update my balance automatically like usaa used to?
I want the integrated bill pay back too. I am disabled and brain fog is one of my symptoms. This update is causing me extreme stress. My migraines are back and dealing with this app is the cause.