Being blamed for something I didnt do!

I am DISGUSTED with USAA! My wallet and everything was stolen from me. These Scammers hacked into everything. MY USAA accounts, my credits cards, cash app, facebook. I HAVE all the evidence!! They post fraudulent checks from CHICAGO but I live in MYRTLE BEACH. It 2 different SIGNATURES ON THE CHECKS, AND USAA blames me for fraud! Then they called the Police on me for harrassment because I contacted the CEO! I served this freaking country HONORABLY! FOR YOU TO ACCUSE ME OF A CRIME I DIDNT COMMIT IS OUTRAGEOUS!! USAA didnt even ask for the case number for my police report. Then the Reps all they do is LIE!! I have PICTURES OF these SCAMMERS from someone else page of how they posted this!!! And still you are calling me a LIAR!!. SHAME on YOU!!! $[removed sensitive data] dollars these people FRAUDULENTLY took!! But I'm the CRIMINAL! THEN YOU TOOK MY DISABILITY CHECKS $4100 IN MY SAVINGS AND I CANT GET THAT! SHAME ON YOU! I HAD TO GET ALL NEW CREDIT CARDS, A NEW DL, BUT USAA IS THE ONLY ONE THAT SAID I COMMITTED THESE CRIMES! EVEN HAVING EVIDENCE THAT I DIDNT YOU STILL BLAME THE VETERAN. 14YRS IVE BEEN WITH YOU AND NOT ONE TIME HAVE I EVER DID ANYTHING WRONG WITH THIS BANK OR ANY OTHER BANK I HAD. SHAME ON YOU!
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Someone who still believes that USAA is a company of honor and integrity might read your post and think, "this person doesn't know what he's talking about!" I would have thought that as well until recently, when I realized USAA does all the things you imply. My wife and I have had money disappear and were told it was our fault (in that particular case it took many hours on the phone with them, listening to any number of lies, and a couple of weeks before they were able to track down their mistake). Yes, they overtly lie, and when get caught act like some obnoxious kid and deny it, or simply ignore it. What they term as "members" are simply annoying necessities to maximize their profits and further their (anti-American) political agenda.

I'm glad I read this comment, it scares me that money can dissapear from an account and whats worse is they deny it so i'm going to remove my money from usaa. and put it in a brick and morter bank.

@wam60, it's difficult to hear you feel this way. We would hate to see you leave. I've elevated your concerns to the appropriate team for review. Thank you. ~Holland

Welcome to the "new" USAA.  I cut all financial ties with them after 40 years and could not be happier.  What has been intentionally done to USAA is a disgrace.

@Innocent Vet, I understand the seriousness of your concerns. I am sorry to hear about your situation and regret to hear about this matter. Your concerns are important to us. I will be sending your post to the appropriate team for review. Thank you. - Rhonda