Been a member 25 and was pretty much told to starve

Hi everyone,
I've been a USAA member for 25 years. Two weeks ago I was scammed during a job hire because someone had altered the checks I was to use for work equipment. I deposited through the app and only spent what was available. The app didn't detect that they had been altered but I have spoken with the fraud team, executive assurance teams and numerous techs. Even spoke to a manager, after multiple requests. My only source of income is my army disability. USAA took every penny as soon as it was direct deposited. My account is still $1800 in the negative and all the help I've received is that it's my fault and I'm responsible!? So, this wonderful military friendly bank didn't care about the fact that I couldn't pay any of my bills or even purchase groceries and gave me no other options. I would NOT advise anyone to trust an institution that, on their home page says they will help you with every stage of life, is uncaring, unconcerned and callous enough to not allow a single portion of my disability to be available. That's even after I told them I would pay for it but could there be a payment plan? They truly only care for your money. Please spread this story to people that you don't want to see taken advantage of by USAA.
Good luck if you stay. The last 5 years have gotten continuously worse.
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A metaphor for what USAA has become can  be found in the movie Fargo, the scene where the customer says he never asked for undercoating on his  new vehicle, but was charged $500 for it nevertheless. The sleazy salesman/criminal gives gives him a runaround, but then agrees to talk to the manager. He and the manager talk about the weather or something, then the salesman returns and announces, "good news, the manager agreed to knock $25 off!"  USAA will help you as long as there are no problems, but once there are you become an annoying liability to them. And yes, they will readily blame you for their incompetence and deviousness.

Hello @AlmostHomeless, I understand the seriousness of the situation. I have located your information and will engage a specialist to review the details. Thank you for speaking up today. ~Sarah