Because I had a credit amount on my credit card I used a check and USAA charged me $24

I called USAA today to protest about the $24.00 charge for the use of a check that the USAA rep told me would only cost $2.00. I do not see that the customer service rep that I spent 30+ minutes on the phone with added my request for the removal of this charge on my account. I am very annoyed with the service of USAA and will cancel my account if service does not improve.


Hello and thank you for contacting us today. I would like to see what additional assistance we can offer you through our social channel. I will forward your concern to the appropriate department for further review concerning the $24.00 charge. Thank you!

Sounds like a cash advance fee may have been included with the check fee. Most credits cards charge a small fee ~1% for balance transfers, cash advances, and checks written against your credit card.