I guess I had an outstanding bill to USAA when I stopped using the Auto Insurance. So to my surprise, I see last night over $600 deducted from my account without advance permission or authority.
I belive the amount classifies as a petit larceny since its under $1,000. Im going through financial hardship to include a divorce and medical bills. I WILL be closing out all accounts for now and for the future.
USAA should know that people at their lowest point in life should be helped up not pushed down further, because when they get up you never know what their situation can change to with improvement and the actions of a business will never be forgotten.
Glad I switched to GEICO way better rates, and not bljnd sided.


I am sorry to hear about your situation. As a community manager I do not have access to your member information. I would encourage you to email socialmedia@usaa.com with your member number and details of this issue/concern and allow USAA an opportunity to research and offer a solution.

Thank you.
Try paying your bills and these issues can be avoided. If you owe USAA money then they can take the money out of your accounts at some point.