In 2008 I came back from Afghanistan do to injuries from combat. I came home to a (ex)wife that ran up all kinds of credit card debt. We ended our marriage in 2010 which also lead to bankruptcy. Well, USA cut off all kind of help. I can't even type this on my computer because I can't even us the main website. I have to use the mobil app. I try to use the budgeting tools to get everything guys back in liNE and low and behold I'm not allowed to is their tools either. It's ridiculous . I'm in the pro essential of finding a new bank.



Thank you so much for your service, I am very to hear about your injuries and hardships.  I would like to get a specialist in contact with you to see what can be done. I f you couple please email us at with your member number and the details you provided above, we will be in touch shortly. Thank you!



Your best bet is to try and find a new bank.  USAA's policy has been that if you have caused them to take a financial loss they will minimize their business dealing with you.  With a bankruptcy, this will be an issue for 7 to 10 years.


I would recommend a local credit union, though it may not be easy with a bankruptcy on your record.