I had cancelled a payment through USAA because once again, they put a chunk of my paycheck on hold so I couldn't pay it. A couple days later, my card gets declined at the grocery store. Went online and here USAA and still tried to take it out the cancelled payment. My account was charged with the return fee twice. When I had cancelled it, I went back to my scheduled payments tab and it had stopped showing the insurance to come out.

I am considering on changing banks. I cannot afford to have my paychecks to be placed on hold. Plus, the hours to talk to a representative are limited.


I used to have that problem with the paycheck hold of funds...since we changed to mobile deposit we haven't had tgat problem anymore

4llie, I can certainly understand your frustration with part of the funds being put on hold.


I’d be more than happy to forward your situation to our contacts in the bank for further review to see if there’s anything we can do.


In order to do this, we ask that you please provide a few additional details about your situation here. Upon receipt, your account will be escalated for review by the appropriate team.


Thank you.