Are there any banks in Arizona that I can deposit money that are associated with usaa?




Read this USAA Member Community Post:


How To Find Local USAA Centers, ATM's or Check Deposit Locations


It should answer your question.






1. You (and others) should note that USAA has teamed up with The UPS Store to make it easier for you to deposit a check into your USAA checking or savings account. USAA Easy Deposit is available at select locations of The UPS Store nationwide. Visit the following LINKS for more information.


USAA Easy Deposit


USAA Check Deposit  (Select "Deposit Checks" from Drop Down Menu and enter ADDRESS and/or CITY and/or STATE) **Shows Local UPS Store Locations


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UPS & USAA Bank for large deposits


I hopes this helps you.

If you just want to deposit checks I recommend using the App. The other alternative (already provided by Guru) is a UPS store.

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This is why I don't do a lot of banking through USAA. I love USAA, but ... Phoenix is a HUGE city - 585 square miles. All of the ATM's and UPS stores that cooperate with USAA are in central or south Phoenix. Hardly any are north of Shea. And what if you need to deposit cash? It's just a huge hassle. So I would have to go to a different bank, deposit the cash, then make a transfer to the USAA account. Why bother?