When will I be able to update my schawb acct to my USAA investment accounts

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I assume your Schwab account is similar to my VC account: sent there when USAA sold us off.   After two years, I was able to link my VC account, but it’s worthless.   All USAA does is show the total in the account[s].   You’ll still have to go to Schwab just as I have to go to VC to handle my accounts sent there.   Don’t know about Schwab, but USAA and VC stress that there are employees at VC dedicated to only USAA member accounts.   Zero sum loss for members.

Still unable to uopate Schwab accounts. I assume this is intentional on the part of USAA. Stiil not getting USAA Universal Life accumalated cash values on opening the webpage. USAA has indicated work to fix all of this for months and months. No one wants to call Web Support and hand on forever. All we want is a fubcitional Web Site without all the B. S.. Where are the functional USAA  support people that should be all over Web Support to support existing cistomers? Where is the CEO and C-wing big guys? Trust broken is trust destroyed. Tragic !

@harry07, thank you for reaching out in our member community regarding not being able to update your Schwab account. We have been advised that this function is back available. Have you contacted our Web Support team to troubleshoot this issue? If you're getting an error, they would be able to assist with next steps. ~Suzy   1-877-632-3002 is the phone number for Web Support.