They claim to be a bank but you can only contact USAA during business hours. Which I can't see to find no where. They whole banking process is a mystery, my pay is schedule to post on 30 Oct, it's 738 am on the 30th and I'm still waiting for my funds to post. Could someone please tell me do they wait until the bank open to make funds available?


Still waiting on mine usually there by 0600 but nothing might be a national wide error
Is this the first time you've used direct deposit to receive your pay? Also contacting a bank during business hours is relatively a normal thing, I've never had trouble contacting them during normal hours, except that they are in TX so often times have to consider that when calling, otherwise their service has been quite fantastic, IMHO. Also, it is only the job of the bank to receive the funds from your employer, not deposit them, therefore the problem may actually not lie within the bank, but your employers accounting system...and if is your first time auto depositing, that raises a whole new set of issues that may have affected your deposit. I can only suggest patience when talking with a representative, when you do finally get a hold of one...if you're on a mobile app or the computer you can request them to call of luck!

I am actually over seas then I want to transfer money from my American Express Card to my USAA master debit card. I cannot find this option. Would anyone tell me if this option is available? If it is, where would it be?


I try also to chat with a representative, I cannot find this option either. Please, can somebody tell how to make this happens?



Thank you for your comment regarding transfers. It may be best to speak with a service specialist in order to address your concern. You can reach a specialist by clicking here or by telephone at 1-800-531-8722.

If your wanting to transfer from AmEx, you'll want to set that up on there website, you'll need usaa's routing number and your acct number to provide to Amex, it's pretty cool, I have a couple of banks and also people that I shift monies around with...I would call Amex, the number on the back if the card, they'll help ya of luck...

A father,

I am terribly sorry you are frustrated that you cannot seem to find any way to contact USAA. Here is a full page of different options from which to choose. This page also lists our operational hours. Thank you!