Banking receptionist named Ryan would not transfer me to supervisor or executive resolutions after telling I her multiple times I could not hear or understand what she was asking. She also asked me multiple times several items that I already answered.
Every month I have to go through this process to withdraw money for my rent. It was supposed to be fixed a month ago.
Ryan hung up on me. She disconnected me while I was trying to get a supervisor. She would not connect me.
The next woman I spoke with also said no supervisor available, no executive resolutions available. So stated I would put post for CEO on FORUM about my experience. All of a sudden a supervisor named Evelyn was found. However, lied to me. Stated limit was again raised to get my rent money. However, after she stated it was taken care of, I, again, could not get the money from my account. I have spent more than an hour trying to get money from my account and still don’t have it and rent is now late, with a late fee.


Goodness @msailing that is certainly not the experience we want our members to have. I was able to locate your profile and will engage a subject matter expert for further review. Thank you. -Emily 

Oh goodness me! Get real, when a service rep hangs up on a member that should be their last day on the job.

Black Widow:  Your recommendation to fire the rep involved seems a bit harsh for somebody that has "heard" but one side of the story.  There is very likely far more to the story than the brief summary we have seen.  

Naturally you’re entitled to your opinion even when it’s wrong.