I used to have overdraft protection, not that I have ever had the need to use it much. But recently, I had a check "bounce" and it was then that I discovered that somehow in the past 3+ years, my overdraft protection had been rescinded. Now I am being charged $29.00 for the check, plus now I am getting tons of helpful messages about how I can get financial help from USAA for my problem, when I have more than $50K in my savings account that COULD have been used to pay the $1500 check that they bounced.  USAA, there is a reason that I keep MOST of my money in other financial institutions, and after the last couple of things you have done to me lately, there will soon be 100% of my money in other financial institutions. Get your head out of your a#$ and stop alienating your older customers, you know, the ones with actual net worth.


hi @Becky9999, We can understand the frustration and would like to ensure this is escalated for review. We appreciate you letting us know what happened with Zelle.

USAA continues to slap its customers. Who is in-charge of the "SLAP" program?