If pay day falls on a Monday but that happens to also be a holiday when will my direct deposit post to my account?




The answer to your question is - it depends on when your company wanted it put in.  Banking transactions are not processed on non-business days (Saturday, Sundays and Federal Holidays).  See below link as to why.


If your company processes the payment early to be received the business day prior to the holiday, then it should be available that day.  If they processed on their normal schedule to pay on your regular payday, it should be available the business day after the holiday.


Why you Don't Get Your Direct Deposit on Weekends or Holidays.



Generally this depends on teh employer as DSTexas said, Most in my expierence post them based on when the pay day falls, (if the pay day falls on the long holiday weekend and the holiday is at the end of the week then they may pay the day before, or visa versa may pay the day after.) I would suggest that yo contact your payroll department for details.

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