Bank statement

USAA -   I received my checking account statement in the mail yesterday and was disappointed to see that before I opened the envelope, I could see some of the numbers (eg debit amounts, running balances) "bleed" through - anyone could read this information!!!!!!! The paper that USAA is now using to print these statements is so thin that I can literally read both sides of the piece of paper without even turning the page over.  Really USAA??????????  You make us go through hoops to log in, to talk to a representative, etc. but yet you tell anyone who is touching my mail what my bank balance is.  Again, really USAA?????????   And please do not give me the song and dance about printing my own statements off because I manage the accounts and bills for my household as well as my parents' accounts, bills, and their healthcare (mom has Alzheimers' and dad is in a nursing home), manage the business account for husband, and help with my daughter's business.  I have to print off enough information without having to print statements for approximately 50 accounts a month.     Use real paper USAA like other financial institutions.  

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@NSueZ, I regret your frustration with your paper statement. I've shared your feedback regarding this matter with the appropriate area. - Ben

@USAA -  The frustration I feel is from the same old, same old response from USAA.  USAA should be incredibly concerned that confidential information can be seen by anyone who is handling these envelopes.   USAA is using very thin paper to now print these statements and the print is dark allowing information that previously could not be seen to know be seen - I suspect it is one of their cost savings strategies, but it is also one that could potentially backfire on them.  

@USAA - I just received my daughter's insurance bill and the same thing - you can read both sides of the statement without even opening the envelope.  What is going on?   Is anyone at USAA looking at anything before it is sent out?