Bank obstructing and interfering with transactions

Bank/credit cards intentionally delaying credits to account then rushing small (@ $10 to $15) transactions when deposits withheld causing charged to be declined and my account to go to negative status. This has been about a dozen recently and immediately after complaints about banking fraud and deceptive business practices. Just now a payment go my attorney was declined when I just made a $2000 payment to card this morning. CEO endorses and enables retaliation by allowing illegal banking practices by ignoring and turning a blind eye to the complaints.

Bank tries to prevent documentation and engaged in cover-up by deleting documents and preventing screen shots. I have learned to use second cell phone to take pictures of writings such as this to send to CFPB, Congressmen, attorney and banking regulators. It will take a little while but corrupt actions of CEO will be addressed. CEO office calls at inopportune time then does not call back in response to voicemail, on line complaints or direct phone calls. They never answer the phone calls and never respond. They duck and hide to avoid responding to tort and criminal complaints.


Good security on a financial institution web page should not allow screen shots, so USAA is doing the right thing there.