Back to a paper ledger due to USAA site and statement changes

Due to the way USAA is handling our check copies and transfer memo's, I am now going to have start keeping a paper ledger for each transaction because everything vaporizes after 90 days.  I just got off the phone because I wanted to see the memo's I made for transfers because I am going through a divorce and needed to keep records of what each transfer was for.  All of them are gone.  There is no method for downloading the memo when you make the transfer except a screen shot, I rediculous.


Why is USAA making online banking so hard?  Someone there obviously loves what they are doing but I how is this helpful? HArd drive space is just not that expensive.

What is the point of a memo on a transfer that isnt accessible or downloadable even with the CSV.



Please provide the memo we make in the transfer in teh CSV file.  Also, please provide both transaction lines that we can see on the statements in the CSV  This data is there, it is just being ignored at our expense. 


I have already made several comments about losing check images, but I want to ask for that to be made available once again. 


This is no small bank but the online services are getting worse and worse. I just don't get it.

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@mememeG, I regret your frustration with our website. I've forwarded your feedback to the appropriate area. 

I just spent 30 minutes on the phone trying to get a single check image sent to me. She said she sent it, 3 times... Its still not here.  

This wasted my time, the representative's time, and the person she was trying to get support from on her end. 


This is too hard, it was easier in the 1990's.


Stop paying for extravagant commercials and make basic banking functions work again. Does USAA want to be a bank or just an insurance company?