Just got my new Insurance bill:  INCREASE of $16.00.  My wife is laid off.  I continue to help CANCER Patients survive, not only cancer, but also CoV19.  Thank You USAA for increasing my burden as I and many others in the HEALTH CARE field ease the burden of others....Just a thought


Thank you @USBears for being in the frontlines and helping those survive during these uncertain times.  I am so sorry to hear about your wife not being able to work during the pandemic and certainly understand about seeing an increase doesn't help with these difficult times.  Have you had a chance to reach out to our billing specialists to review what the increase was?  Please know that your billing and policyholders may start seeing the auto policy dividend credit on the P&C Bill as early as April 26.
Starting April 27, email or mail communication will be sent with the total amount the policyholder can expect to see on their P&C Bill.  We truly appreciate your membership and wish you and your wife continued safety and health.  ~ Marco

Shop around.  USAA rates can easily be beaten.

Not exactly a fair statement. Costs of products do go up and is usaa supposed to not pass those on. I appreciate your being in the health care field but is that some type of entitlement now that none of your bills will go up.