When is USAA going to get their act together with regrds to a budget tool???  The current interface is remedial, redundant and inconssitent.  Half the changes I make, don't "stick" and I have to keep going back to change then again, and again, and again.  Hello USAA...I kinda have better things to do.  


JUST SUPPORT MINT!  Or go to MINT and copy what they've done.  I'm on my last leg...this USAA two step verification is just awesome...it's secured my accounts so tight I can't use ANY financial managment proprams to track my money, except Quicken...which BEYOND sucks for Mac users. 


Get it together USAA, or I'm gone...very shortly.


Your feedback is valued and it is not our intent for you to be having these experiences JLC24.  I have notated and recorded your comments to be sent to the appropriate area for review.  Please also consider calling our website support team at:  1-877-632-3002 and when prompted say “technical support”.  They will be able to troubleshoot some of the issues that you are reporting.  I do understand and respect your time.  Thank you for posting today.  -  Justin

I second this. It is important for consumers to have access to this data to insure they understand the behavior behind the budget. While at the same time it is important to secure our accounts as well which has made this process more difficult for consumers

I know that CFBP has stated that there belief is this should be a requirement of the financial institution.

Is there any plans to upgrade the current budget and track money section ? Or any plans to setup access for places like mint or hellowallet

batman23, thank you for reaching out. Please contact our Technical Support at 877-632-3002 for more information regarding any upgrades. Thank you - Tricia