Not sure why but USAA changed the way they pay your bills by joining up with another company that sends checks and it takes 2 weeks for the check to get there.

don’t know why USAA stoped doing direct bill payments. It a real hassle. Now instead of set it and forget it I have to go to each company and make payments and those stupid transaction fees. Thought USAA was for veterans not big businesses.


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@Jim53, thank you for reaching out. Your feedback is very important to USAA . The bill pay system has not changed in the processing of payments as it has always had the ability to send a paper check or electronic payment. Payments are issued electronically when possible, which generally takes 1 to 2 business days to process. For billers that don't accept electronic payments or biller is unable to be verified, a paper check is mailed through the U.S. Postal Service, which takes about five business days for delivery. Electronic payments are withdrawn from your account on the scheduled "Deliver By" date. With non-USAA bills that are sent by paper check, the money will be deducted when the check is cashed, typically within a few days of the "Deliver By" date. The "Deliver By" date is the estimated date your payment will reach the biller and money will leave your account. I apologize for any inconvenience this has caused  you. I will ensure your feedback is share with the appropriate department for further review. - Robyn

@USAA - Not entirely true - checks can take more than five days to be delivered (been there, done that) and the method of delivery is sometimes changed after the fact without the member knowing creating all kinds of problems (also been there, done that).  If delivery method is going to be changed from electronic withdrawal to a check, the member should ALWAYS be notified so that the member has the option to change how they want to pay the bill (i.e. pay at the store with a check, pay directly online with the company, etc.).


No need to follow up with me on this.  USAA should just hold their vendors much more accountable.