Oklahoma member

I have tried four times over the past week to cancel an automatic transfer. I am only allowed to cancel the transfer, I cannot modify it, which is very frustrating. I repeatedly received a message that USAA could not process my request at this time. I finally had to call, go through a conversation with an obviously new representative and then was transferred to web support. The technician said that he knew that "they had been working on that site" and hopefully it would get better. He submitted a ticket to cancel my automatic transfer. Additionally, I pointed out that a transfer that was due to be cancelled in September was now listed as an inactive transfer with a cancelled status. He could not explain that, either.

Why is this process so difficult??? Why can't I simply modify an automatic transfer?? Why is the information on the page incorrect?

Please bring this process up to date.


@Oklahoma member, Thank you for reaching out and the opportunity to hear of your experience. I will be sure your feedback is reviewed by the appropriate area, in regards to offering an option to modify an automatic payment as opposed to having to cancel it altogether. Your feedback is very important to understand what is most important to our members and what processes need to be improved. I apologize for the inconvenience and any frustration this has caused. Thank you again for your post. Have a great week. ~ Lori