Automatic Payments Change Failure

We have several scheduled automatic payments to companies from a checking account. One such scheduled payment, which goes out by USPS mail (not electronic), is set to go out quarterly and another yearly. When trying to change the amount of the quarterly or yearly payments, the system asks "how often". However, quarterly and yearly automatic payments are no longer options. This change now forces us to move to monthly payments to be sent by mail, which would seem to be more expensive to USAA -- ultimately increasing fees for members.


After nearly an hour on the phone with many holds to look into the issue, a USAA representative confirmed what I suspected -- this change is not temporary as a result of the redesigned website, but is seemingly permanent.


This is yet another example of changes to the USAA customer experience that are NOT positive. What this is telling us is that USAA has become too big and unwieldy to be able to provide the excellent customer service and products it was once known for throughout the military community.


After nearly a half century as a USAA member -- following in my father's footsteps as a nearly 70-year member -- it's time to start looking at other options and alternatives ... most regretably!

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Yes this is ridiculous. I received late fees on two accounts because they received the checks late. This move is a bad discussion for USAA.

USAA is suppose to reimburse you for late fees.  

I'm having the same issue!  The thought of having to go back to writing and mailing checks manually quarterly or having USAA do this on a monthly basis seems ludicrous.  This is a small fix for a developer and should be incorporated as soon as possible (assuming USAA is updating their website through an Agile process).

@Aviator07, I understand your frustration with our Bill Pay system. We certainly don't want to lose your business.  I've forwarded your comments regarding this matter to the appropriate area. We continually look for opportunity to improve our services and your feedback will help us do so. - Ben