i'm in the process of moving all my back accounts from a credit union to USAA Bank. i have a number of E-Bills setup from things like CitiBank credit Cards, the power company, etc. just as I did at the credit union.


I created an Automatic Payment for the bills set to a) pay the amount due and b) pay on the due date. Well yesterday was the payment date for the electric bill and today was the due date for the credit card and neither was paid automatically as configured. I've made a number of other automatic payments of fixed amounts to various billers since moving to USAA and they all paid exactly as planned. But for some reason the automatic payment of the e-bills has not worked


This always worked properly at the credit union and from the look of the setup screen, the questions, options, etc., USAA is using the same payment processor as the credit union, CheckFree. But it isn't working.




Clipper send them a message from your account detailing what you explained here and the exact bills.  They can take a look at it and get back with you with a solution.

Hi ClipperMaiam,

I apologize for the issues you are experiencing with Automatic payments. If you give us a call here at 1-800-531-8722 we can have a banking specialist take a look at what went wrong and get everything back on the right track. Thank you.

The only way you can modify an automatic payment or modify any payment plan on an eBill is to first cancel/stop the eBill.
On the Web BillPay page, click the name of the payee, then click Manage eBill.
Additionally, if you have an active eBill through another institution's site, you must stop the eBill at the other institutions site before enabling it on usaa.com.
EBills are fun! Have fun people!!