Auto premium error

Received correspondence that there was an error for a period of time and that there would be a refund but have no idea when or for what amount. please advise
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I have been trying for months to correct an error on my car insurance bill. I called 7 times And couldn't get it fixed. I posted here and someone called me, promising that she would get it fixed -- but then I never heard back. USAA customer service has gone downhill. I really don't know what to do. I canceled my automatic payments to try to get their attention, then I got that call From someone in the chairman's office (or something that sounded special), but as I said, no solution. I even authorized a months payment to show my good faith, but again no response and no solution. What am I supposed to do --just let them take whatever they want?

Hi there, @jsm22! Thank you for reaching out. I certainly understand your concern and assure you that our team would be glad to further review this and support you. Please, connect with them at 800-531-8722 or via chat on to proceed in so doing. Unfortunately, we aren't able to share profile or account information via social media. I appreciate your understanding. ~ Steven