Last Friday I get approved for up $36200 to finance a vehicle through USAA I did set up the loan with the representative by phone and she confirm that she will send the check as soon as Tuesday. I called today since I didn't get anything they told me that is gonna be a delay in the money because you declined the total loss protection for $269, well I said it's ok just reset the loan and I will pay it through my credit card that I don't have with me. The representative did cancel the loan. Guess what , I get disapproved after that and I am screwed. I have to return the vehicle and or pay a 20% interest rate because USAA suddenly decided to disapprove me after I base my decision to purchase a car at the base of their approval. Now I am screwed up with the dealer and in my credit. They said thank you for trusting USAA. Well this is what happened when you trust USAA. I am hurt in my time my money my credit. Thank you USAA


That's a bummer, so you initiated a loan, but declined some type of coverage, then purchased a vehicle from a dealer, with the money from the loan, then cancelled the loan cause you didn't have a credit card to pay for some type of coverage you opted out of paying for in the beginning, then someone cancelled the loan (I'm not sure who) and then you tried to establish another loan for the vehicle which you already have under the pretenses of the first loan, which was cancelled, and now you want the dealer and bank to renegotiate a loan amount and sale price for the vehicle...huh, weird, best of luck withy that one...not sure who's really at fault here...
After reading your writing...I'm convinced that USAA is not the only one to point fingers at here. I've bought over 34 vehicles in my life utilizing USAA and each time I picked up the phone while sitting in front of the dealer rep and got all my questions answered and clarified and even while allowing the dealer rep to talk to USAA...never had a problem. Maybe you should backtrack and really look at where this issue went wrong. Good luck.