Recently bought a truck from largest Ram dealer in country here in Idaho.  Was preapproved for way more than I needed.  Called one week prior to picking up truck to ensure I knew the procedure with USAA - once I got the numbers at the dealer plugged those in via internet on my phone and then emailed the document to the dealer.  They took that - sent the invoice, title application & whatever else needed - faxed to USAA.  It was a Saturday.  Then the dealer told me if I wanted to take truck home that day I would need to apply for a 10 day bridging loan from another bank while they waited for funding from USAA which, they said, usually takes several days.  I disagreed with them concerning USAA having never had this be an issue in the past.  Made 2 phone calls to USAA - first person had never heard of this type of requirement, and she told me they would be able to verify funding in 10 minutes or so.  Dealer business office pushing me to apply for this other loan which I declined.....2nd call to USAA and agent had heard of this type of arrangement but also assured me funding would occur very quickly.  He also explained even after it funded the actual transfer would not occur for 2 - 3 days.  With that information - left the truck at the dealer and went home (1 hour away).


Phone calls to USAA Monday & Tuesday verified that the dealer had in fact been correct.  I was initially told funding had not occurred because they couldn't find the value of a new Ram 5500 chassis cab and asked me to send them information regarding this. It took until Wednesday before loan was actually closed and money sent to dealer that afternoon.


How in the world would this have worked if I lived 5-6 hours away?  Living in a small town - I have previously driven to cities to make car purchases and ALWAYS driven the car off the lot.  USAA used to send some type of check to fill out and give to the dealer to verify to the money was available.  This new system clearly doesn't allow me to be pre-approved, walk in to shop and leave with a new car.


Don't get me started on my daughter's recent terrible experience with USAA funding a house re-finance....closing date moved back 3 times due to closing agent not being available.....and my kids had to put extra money down to hold the original rates when the delays were all on USAA's end.


This type of service is way out of line with my 40+ years of being a member.  I'm getting ready to buy an RV six hours away - likely will have to get financing elsewhere.....


Goodness @gutsplitter, that is certainly not the experience we want our members to have. I was able to locate your profile and will engage the appropriate area. Once reviewed they will contact you, we do appreciate your patience in advance. -Emily 

No contact yet.


After reviewing the multiple complaints of service issues, and costs - ended up getting quotes from GEICO for my auto coverage and home - and saved $1000 annually  by switching.  I'm stunned, and sad.  40 years with USAA and now this...and nobody even calls to ask why.

@gutsplitter, we certainly appreciate your feedback and I regret to hear of the experience you had. I have confirmed your prior post was sent to a subject matter expert for further review and an attempt to contact you was made on 2/6. I will be forwarding this as well for a follow up request. Thank you.