We have auto insurance from USAA which increases every six months.  We just received quotes from Liberty Mutual which are $400-$500 less per year.  This is a big big difference for the same coverages.


We are trying to deceide why we should keep USAA.


We would like to keep USAA but there does not seem to be any financial consideration for doing so.


Wow, that is a big difference in the rates @belair1. Have you had the chance to do a review of the Liberty Mutual quote to your current policy to ensure you are getting an accurate comparison quote. ~ Joseph

Joseph of USAA,

The quotes are accurate and let me give you another reason to say “Wow”.

I had my auto insurance policy with USAA since 1979. After 39 years I didn’t want my money going to the NFL so I transferred that auto policy to the number one insurance company in my state. To my surprise my monthly auto insurance payment went from $136 with USAA to $84 for the same exact coverage in every category on my one vehicle. That’s over $600 in savings each year for the same exact coverage.

USAA interest rates on savings accounts are well below the national average.

USAA does not provide a cash back percentage on their credit card purchases like many others do, up to 2.5% cash back.

Let me help you: “Wow”. And none of my money is going to promote USAA’s liberal social agenda which now comes before “service” to military service members.

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We changed Car Insurance during one of our moves, however when we got into a fender bender with someone without insurance, I was pretty angry I changed.  With USAA, for over 25 years, we've never had to do anything when there's been a car accident.  NOTHING.  And they've taken exceptional care of us, even with making a car available in 2 days while ours was being fixed.  Road side service?  Terrible.  I have AAA which is loads better.  But as for the rest of the most frustrating stuff?  They're a dream.  You simply get what you pay for.  



Yes, we were quite annoyed at the differences in price.  After much research into many different policies,  all of which were about the same coverage as my USAA policy, we realized that this price was just a gimmic to get our insurance and the real suprise would be when we went to renew policies with a much lower price at start.


I had this experience with insurance many years ago.  A low price to sucker the buyer in and than watch for the second year.

We dropped insurance one year and reinstated to get the lower rate.


We are also now going to try and buy our Medicare Supplement insurance from USAA. New members pay the same as other person the same age.  We now have Mutual of Omaha and new customers to there planF are paying $1,000 per year less than than we are and we have been the loyal customer.





Hello @belair1, Thank you for taking time out of your day to communicate with USAA. I'm forwarding your information and post to our Subject Matter Experts for additional handling. ~ Shane

Ask for USAA to run your insurance credit score, I just joined USAA, but when I left Geico, they tried to sell me with "well we haven't ran your insurance score in 6 years, I could do that and see if that will save you any money."... No thanks, Like the bundling options with USAA.  But maybe if USAA knows you are considering leaving, they will do something to entice you to stay.

Hi @NKELY, happy to hear that you are liking the bundling options with UAA.  Let us know if we can assist in answering any concerns or questions about your policy.  Thank you for trusting USAA with your insurance needs.  Hope to assist you in the near future.  ~ Marco

USAA auto insurance has become extremely expensive.  I saved $600/year by switching to another carrier.  And the customer service is nothing to brag about either.  A couple of years ago I was rear-ended by another USAA member and it was almost impossible to reach a claims adjuster.  I was holding onto my USAA homeowners, but recently switched that too.  $100/year increases get very expensive.  Switching the homeowners saved me another $700 year.  So now after 10 years I will have an extra $13K in my pocket vs. if I had stayed with USAA.  Oh, and my coverages are better with my new insurance co.  Such a shame that USAA is no longer competitive.

  Intolerable Rates and Service!

   I too have been a loyal USAA customer for nearly 35 years and like many have continually seen my rates increase.  Last year we purchased a new retirement home with a value of and square footage of 1.5 times that of our previous home.  The new homes insurance rate with greater coverage was 1/3 of what I had been paying USAA  ($758 annually vs $2160 annually).  I received two competitive rates lower than USAA from both companies that I inquired to.  (Strike 1)

Recently my son experienced a claim on his policy from a unattended vehicle Hit & Run.  The independent repair shop that we have used for over 15 years had been a Star USAA provider where all actions were handled in-house.  They recently terminated that Star relationship when reportedly USAA required an additional 9% fee (kickback) on all repairs.  The shop owner reported that was nearly all his profit and cancelled his Star status.  Now all claims and adjustments have to go through a third party  (ACI) that takes forever to make approvals and forward to USAA.  Its not their members they have to keep happy.  My son ended up paying for a rental car  out of pocket for the last three days due to an ACI delay even with rental car coverage.  USAA would not approve the extension. (Strike 2)

  Now upon my renewal my rates have risen again.  They never decline.  Having a new zip code I decided to check competive rates.  I am now going to the dark side and leaving USAA with my 4 vehicles.  Six month USAA premium $2897.  Geico $1725.

I saved enough to spend $220 for a $1 million umbrella coverage for home and auto! Tomorrow is Feb 29..Leap Day and I'm taking the LEAP with almost $1 k in my pocket for 6 months!

   Declining service..increasing premiums and long phone waits.  If USAA is to survive they will have to go back to basics ! Military leadership takes care of military..civilian leadership could care less!

  Farewell USAA.


Marvelous Marvin