I cannot get through to USAA nor can I make an internal trasnfer from one USAA bank account to another USAA bank account. Anyone else having issues today?


I cannot make mobile deposits or get through by calling main number. 

I am having issues getting connected to their phone service for a homeowners quote. Seems like the website is slow as well. 

I've been trying to call them and their number rings then goes to a busy tone.

Everything is broken, no online, no phone, no chat bot

System is down, spent an hour on hold to finally get through to tech support - lady sounded like she was stoned out of her goard...  She basically confirmed that they are having intermittent issues with no time line for getting system back up. 


Some members were experiencing problems with accessing http://USAA.com and/or viewing accounts/funds transfers. Our team has aggressively been working to resolve this issue. Our system issues have been resolved and members are communicating with USAA again. If you are still needing assistance, please let us know how we can help.