Associate a Bill Payee with a spending category?

I'm trying to get some good reports out of Track Your Money. 


Is there a way to change a bill payee's category so that it remembers how to allocated it? for example, it's allocated my electric bill to a category called 'electronics'.  i want to change it to 'utilities' once and done.  it's extremely tedious correcting all the categories for hundreds of repetitive expenditures.




Yes, you have to wait for it to process completely (not be pending) and then in your account you can use the drop down button for the category and select which you want.  It will remember it as long as the vendor appears the same, some vendors change their name by adding transaction numbers into their name each time, but it's pretty sharp.  You can also do it in your budget by having it show uncategorized items and then go through and categorize them. Hope this helps!