When I decide to use TurboTax for my taxes, do I access Turbotax through USAA?


Hi @touchton99,

You can access TurboTax through USAA here: https://www.usaa.com/inet/wc/advice-tax-center?showtab=turbotax as well as some additional frequently asked questions regarding taxes. Thank you for posting!


a May 23 article in ProPublica discussed situations where people who landed on the TurboTax Military page could end up paying for returns, but if they had gone to TurboTax's Free File page, available for active-duty military and reservists who make under $66,000, the return would have been processed for free. Is USAA aware of this, and do they advise members about the Free File option?

Beware.   I've used Turbo Tax for many years.  Last year, TT had so many glitches and errors it became a horror story.  I went through the USAA online service for the first time last year.   TT didn't use all the background documents provided by my state.  It turned out Missouri DOR posted the documents, but TT didn't access them to verify my input was correct. I input the correct figures, but since TT didn't cross-check with MO documents, they didn't allow various deductions in their computations.   I spent many, many hours on the phone with DOR and TT to straighten out the horror story.  Don't know what to do this year, but it won't be on USAA's service.