I was curious - I am trying to set the debit and cash advance on our newly received ATM/Debit cards to $0.  I know from past experience it must be done in writing.  However, we no longer have an option to email the banking group.  Is that really correct and if so, why?  


And it brings up the bigger question of why do I have to go through this process of setting my limits to zero in writing each time I receive a replacement card for one that has expired? And why does it have to be done in writing?  We are allowed to increase limits verbally or online but cannot decrease limits except in writing. 


And now I wait in que for some customer service via chat - not the way I like to do business USAA.  





Companies do not like it when you ask a specific question to a specific person.

They (the company) has to answer the question.  If you feel the answer was vague, you can 

specifically ask the person a more direct question.